The Flower Story

Like each of us, every remnant flower contains a special and unique beauty.

The Material:

The Washing: Each flower is made from Remnant materials that were once discarded as worthless. We carefully choose each piece, rescuing it from the garbage or re-buying it from a second-hand store. Once reclaimed, the material is washed. Likewise, we need Christ to redeem us from the mess of sin in our lives. In order for Him to do this, we must allow the washing away of our old way of life.  This action is symbolized through baptism.

The Cutting: The layers of the flower are made from different pieces of fabric that are cut into circles. In the same way, we must allow the different layers/areas of our lives to be pruned or cut by God.  John 15 reminds us that the reason for cutting and pruning is to restore us in such a way that our lives will bear fruit for God.

The Burning: After circles are cut from the fabric, the edge of every circle must go through the flame of a candle to allow their transformation to flower petals.  Similarly, we must go through the fire of refinement so God may shape and mold our lives.  Sometimes the flame hurts, but the outcome is worth it, as God prepares us for His Kingdom beauty.  

The Flower Petals:

After the material has gone through the process of washing, cutting and burning, petals are assembled layer upon layer until the beauty of the flower takes form. Notice the tattered edges representing our imperfections. As women, we often struggle to cover the imperfections in our lives. We work to hide the brokenness of difficult times we have endured. Some hurts are caused by our own poor choices and some by the choices of others, but either way, we are often left with scars. However, just like the layers of the flower, the beauty of our lives is often found in the imperfections. When we surrender every layer to God’s design, He restores our beauty.  

The Gem:

After the petals are designed and assembled, they are placed on a board and a nail is hammered through the center. This step signifies the price that Jesus paid on the cross to reclaim our beauty. With the nails that Jesus took for us, He destroyed the power of Satan’s lie that we aren’t good enough. After the nail is removed, a gem is placed in the center, illustrating the beauty and goodness that Christ brings to our lives when He is the center of all that we are and all that we do.

The Pocket:  

Take action! Because of what Christ has done for us, we must respond in obedience to His love.  One way to know how to respond is to stay connected to Him through prayer. On the back of the flower is a pocket in which to place your specific prayer requests each day. Wear this flower as a reminder to pray for those things, and remember what your designer sacrificed for you in order to reclaim your beauty!


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